How to Select the Best Artificial Nail Type

How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last

Throughout history, as fashion evolved, women have been known to use different items in adorning themselves. One such objects of beauty are artificial nails. These nails go as far back in history to 1957 when a dentist created the first type. The first nail types were made from acrylic powder in a bid to repair broken nails.

Until recently, in the 1990s, nails were not known as fashionable items. However, ever since then, artificial nails have continued to evolve. As of today, they have become so advanced that one might confuse some of them with natural nails.

Why Artificial Nails?

Most people feel women fix artificial nails to look fashionable. Surprisingly there are more reasons for artificial nails than just being a fashion statement.

One of such reasons why women fix artificial nails is nail-biting. Nail-biting is a bad habit that can be so hard to shake off. In the end, the nails of the person look so unattractive, and sometimes some people can find them repulsive.

To curb this addictive habit, the woman can easily cover up their natural nails with artificial ones. Since these artificial ones are usually thicker, chewing and biting are reduced.

Artificial nails can also serve as protection for natural nails. Whether you bite your nails or not, artificial nails allow your nails to grow. For women who have weak nails that break off easily, it comes as an easy alternative for protection.

When these nails break, they can be very painful.  With the artificial nails, women can go about their daily duties without fear of breaking their nails.

In general terms, the need for artificial nails in women goes beyond just fashion. A lot of women have a confidence boost in having their nails done.

Types of Artificial Nails

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There are different types of artificial nails. Each of them with their different constituents, costs, and uses. With different people and their different preferences, it’s difficult to say which is the best.

The following are a list of the types of artificial nails:

1. Gel Nails

These types of nails have two variants, the UV type, and the Non-UV type. The UV type is those nails that are made from liquid gel dried with ultraviolet light. The nails dry up to form the desired shape and style.

Non-UV types, on the other hand, are made by adding a chemical activator to the liquid gel. Whether UV or not, many people consider the nails to look very natural.

Compared with other types, this type of nails has little or no odors and fumes. It has a shiny and clear finish. However, it is a bit expensive to maintain.

Furthermore, this type of nails cannot be removed by chemicals. To remove them, one has to allow them to grow out and then file off.

2. Acrylic Nails

This type of nails is the most popular one you would find around. To make them, the nails are slighted roughened. Next, a monomer, a liquid chemical, is applied to the nails. After this, the polymer powder is applied to the nails. The nails can then be dried, shaped, and styled as desired.

The readily available nails are one of the cheapest options possible. How long do acrylic nails last? That depends on how well you can manage them. However, on average, they last longer than other types. On the plus side, they tend not to cause any damage to your natural nails if appropriately removed.

On the downside, if they are not well applied, they might look very aboriginal. Sometimes, t might even cause infections if water gets trapped in between. Besides, they could be damaged during filling before application.

3. Wraps

Wraps are made from even layers of silk, although other materials like tissue, fiber or linen, can be used as well. In practice, they commonly used in increasing the strength of nail tips and nail extensions.

They are also used in repairing damaged nail tips or entire nails. The already shaped nails are usually attached using nail glue. Since they are best suited for nail repair, they cause no damage to the natural nails. They are relatively easy and cheap to maintain.

It is not to say they do not have their peculiar problems. One of such issues is that they are not as durable compared with the other types. Sometimes, they might appear less natural, especially if they are made from linen. Finally, to remove them, one has to wait till they grow out on their own.

4. Press on

When you think about an easy and fast method of getting nails done, press-on come to mind. They give you a do it yourself option to fixing your artificial nails without necessarily needing a beauty salon. For this reason, it is most unlikely that you find this type of artificial nails in a nail salon in Albuquerque.

More often, you will find them in drug stores. They come already shaped with different variations. They have different colors, as well. To apply them, one has to stick them to the surface of one’s nails. The nails stick due to a tape with two sides that faces one’s natural nails and the undersurface of the artificial nails.

Of course, one of their most notable advantages over others is that they are fast and easy to apply. They give a cheap solution when there’s little time available to go to your salon. Just like in all ‘quick fix’ solutions, press-on does not last long. They are not durable, and their ingenuity is undeniable.


Women wear artificial nails for a range of reasons. There are different types with their different uses. Strictly speaking, it’s difficult to say which is best.

To get one applied, you can visit a salon to use the service of a technician. Although you can do it yourself in the comfort of your home, the best results come from a nail technician.