Is Elementor Pro Worth It?

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There was a time when building a website requires a lot of activities from project managers, developers, and copywriters. It might even take a little while to put in a few updates on your website.

These difficulties made software experts develop software that will make website building an easier task. One of such page builders is the Elementor.

The free version of Elementor is a free, super-easy page builder that makes it possible for non-coders to create any WordPress website of their choice. The page builder is a WordPress plugin uniquely made to help you in designing a custom website for anything you want.

Elementor Pro is an advancement on the free Elementor. It is a useful tool for creating almost everything on your website to selected landing pages. You can design promotional pages, sales pages, and custom forms. Let’s take a look at Elementor pro.

Why Use Elementor Pro?

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Elementor Pro is not just any advanced page builder. It gives you the freedom to visualize the storyline that is in sync with your visitor by making use of the ready-to-use layouts.

Below are four of the things you get when you install Elementor Pro;

  • Theme Customization

Elementor Pro comes with a Theme builder, which gives you the freedom to design your theme as you want. You can create templates that show the layout of your page, design search, and custom footer/ header. This feature eliminates the necessity of using a specific theme and gives you the freedom to design and customize your page just the way you want.

  • Advanced Templates and Blocks

Elementor Pro comes with multiple advanced templates and blocks. These professionally made features can be easily customized to create and design incredible websites. These features allow you to create pages, including animated headlines, slides, customs forms, and many other Elementor pro features.

  • Vital Widgets and Features

This pro version of Elementor also comes with some essential widgets and features that are necessary for any web designer expert. Such vital widgets include Post and portfolio widget for a stunning display of blog posts, Nav Menu widget, WooCommerce widgets, Animated Headlines for a fantastic headline design, Call-to-action widget, Form widget, slides, and Media Carousel.

  • WooCommerce Blocks

This feature is useful when building online stores. Not only will you be able to display your products online, but you will also be able to categorize your products for a better search. With the additional custom feature of the ‘add-to-cart’ option, you will be building an excellent E-commerce site.

How Much Does Elementor Pro Cost?

Elementor Pro is an affordable page builder. The prices come in different plans, and you can choose to subscribe to a plan monthly or annually.

  • Personal License

This plan costs $49/year. With this plan, you will be able to plug in only one site. You get one year of updates and supports.

  • Plus License plan

This plan costs $99/year and gives you access to plugin three sites. You also get customer updates and supports for one year.

  • Expert License Plan

This plan can be subscribed for at $199/year. You can install up to 1000 sites, which gives you the opportunity to multiple designs. This plan also comes with 1-year customer updates and supports.

Other features you will get with any of these plans include 90+ widgets, 300+ pro templates, WooCommerce builder, theme builder, and Popup builder.

Pro and Cons of Elementor Pro

Elementor has a lot of useful features that even a first time user will find easy to use. But, few shortcomings need improvement. Here are three pros and cons of Elementor Pro.


  • More Templates

Elementor Pro gives you the benefit of having access to many more templates that are so limited in the free Elementor. You can choose from the over 3000 themes and pages provided on the portal. This upgrade allows you to choose the theme and page that best suits your business.

  • Freedom of Customization

To arrive at the right design for your business, the pro version of Elementor comes with a vast range of customization that you can choose from. You get to control every inch and pixel of your site, and you can also implement diverse designs and ideas on your website.

  • Pricing

Elementor Pro offers different pricing plans, and you can select the one that suits your pocket. The least is the personal plan, which costs $49/year, which is a little more than $4/month. The next plan is Plus license, which is $99/year, while the expert license comes at $199/year. All of these plans come with different privileges and also get your support and updates for one year.


  • No Lifetime Updates and Support Plan

A significant problem with Elementor Pro is that they don’t have a lifetime option for updates and supports. What this means is that you have to pay for every update and support every year if you don’t want your installations to be outdated.

  • Sloppy Support Response

Although there a lot of tutorials and guides that help, you might have different problems with Elementor Pro. As a Pro subscriber, you are also prioritizing in their support system. But the major setback is the delay encountered while waiting for support. It might take a while before their support team gets back to you.

  • Outdated Interface

Elementor Pro is famous for its numerous useful features. Despite these features, Elementor has an outdated interface that makes the use of plugin difficult. It is also hard to adjust margins and paddings with a simple drag and drop, which can make the look of your website different while editing.


If you are looking for an affordable plugin builder with great features, then you should put your money on Elementor Pro. It has an incredible worth considering all the excellent features and additional modules it contains.

Elementor Pro offers a wide range of features and advanced functionality that makes the building of sites easy. You also get the possibilities of visualizing your content in alternate ways and improving the originality far better than what you get in the free Elementor.