Who Are Robert Rickey and Stephen Somer?

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Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers have become forces to reckon with when it comes to the marketplace. They have, in a few years, trained lots of outstanding entrepreneurs. The results of their students are evidence that they offer value.

Who is Robert Rickey and Stephen Somer? They are Marketplace Superheroes founders. They started the Marketplace Superheroes over six years ago.

Their students had made sales on products worth over $33,000,000, made on Amazon FBA from different marketplaces. These marketplaces include the United States, Australia, UK, and Canada. From their records and the results from their students, they are professional salesmen.

What Is Marketplace Superheroes (MPSH) About?

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Marketplace superheroes is a program introduced by Robert Rickey and Stephen Somer. The program arms online entrepreneurs and intending online salespeople with the needed sales skills. The course provides students with the required step-by-step guide to help them become productive.

Students of this program do not only develop sales skills. They are also groomed to source for products intelligently. They also learn how to expand their businesses. This course is one of the best-rated courses on Amazon FBA.

The Marketplace superheroes course comprise of more than 100 videos, the “4s Product Finder” software, and lots of bonuses. The “4s Product Finder” software helps Amazon FBA sellers discover new products.

This course would be of great benefit to beginners because it is detailed. It is also suitable for individuals who are on a budget. The lessons taught through this course would also be beneficial to sellers in different parts of the world.

They are confident about the quality of the value they offer. It is evident from the fact that they offer a 30-days refund for unsatisfied students. Therefore, potential students have a level of assurance.

The Minds behind Marketplace Superheroes

Marketplace Superheroes is a training program initiated by Robert Rickey and Stephen Somer. They are both seasoned online salespeople.

  • Robert Rickey

Robert Rickey has been an online salesman for over two decades. He has worked with different organizations drawing huge sales for those organizations. He is also an online sales expert.

Rickey has made sales of over 500,000 imported products. He had gained lots of experiences and learned from his many failures while starting.

He is also reputed for selling over $12,000,000 worth of physical products on platforms online. He is a co-founder of Marketplace Superheroes.

  • Stephen Somers

Stephen Somers has been an online salesman for over seven years. Stephen spends time trying to figure out what makes online sales tick. He had the desire to build a dynamic business that would provide a stable source of income.

His desire made him spend time and lots of money on training. He wanted to learn how to build a viable full-time business. With time, he met Robert, who started mentoring him on making sales online.

He worked with Robert for about one year and learned a lot from him. His time with Robert helped him learn how to develop a business online. He was able to make seven figures on revenue selling on Amazon and other sales platforms.

Stephen is currently a serial entrepreneur with kits of partnerships. His relationship with Robert also grew into a business partnership.

What is the Cost of Marketplace Superheroes?

The big question in the minds of many people would be, “How much does it cost?” One major thing you should keep in mind is the quality of the value derived. The marketplace superheroes course is $997. You also have access to a 7-day trial offer free of charge. You can check out the free trial offer.

After the trial package, you might be keen to continue with the program. For those on a budget, you can pay in installments. Students are permitted to pay in 12 installments of $97 each.

There are also fantastic bonuses attached to this course. Perks include the following;

  • SuperHero Journey

This bonus shows real examples of individuals who started as beginners and attained success on Amazon.

  • Map the Market

The video helps inform your decision on how to select a profitable product. It also features different global markets.

  • Multi-Day Elite Bootcamp

You have the opportunity of seeing a high ranked event held in Ireland. The value is fantastic.

  • 100 Product Ideas in 7 days

In this package, Roberts shows you how to generate ideas for the product. The target is 100 products in 7 days.

  • MPSH Partnership

Being a Marketplace Superheroes partner would be of great benefit. The benefits also include how to get your course fee back in days and more.

Is Marketplace Superheroes Worth It?

Is the wealth of experience and expertise worth it? Is earning a seven-figure income from sales worth it? Is learning from one of the 2020s five best courses on Amazon FBA worth it? Is investing in yourself worth it? Yes! It is indeed worth it.

There are so many amateurs in the space who have also launched courses. Roberts and Stephen are tested and trusted hands with outstanding results to show for it.

Marketplace Superheroes is a high-value course which focuses on helping individual build stable business on Amazon FBA. The price notwithstanding, the value it offers is massive. The system is always updated to suit the prevailing market environment. Its support is also superb.

It is a highly recommended course on Amazon FBA. With the course, you have access to updates and new materials free of charge.


Everyone in the e-commerce space wants to succeed. The desire to smile to the bank is legitimate. It would help if you were intentional to increase your earnings. Your intention is seen in the skill you acquire over time.

You don’t need to go through the trial and error phase. With Marketplace Superheroes, you would get with the skills and tools you need. At the end of the course, you’ll exhibit more intelligence in sourcing products. You’ll also see more opportunities to expand your reach.