Childcare Information for WordCamp


We’re delighted that so many of you who would otherwise not be able to come to a weekend conference are bringing your children with you.

The schedule for both days of childcare can be downloaded here.We can care for children from 0 – 12 years, and all of the activities are designed for a mixed-age group of children, with extra hands for infants and toddlers. Children will be supervised at all times.

Please Note: This is informal child minding; our goal is to keep your kids corralled, safe and entertained, but we’re not really concerned with their educational development or the fact that they are quite likely to get magic marker on themselves. There will be G-rated movies involved, and there will be Xbox 360 games. Sure, there will be outdoor games and crafting, too, but Montessori education this is not.

Childcare is located in the ballroom, to which you have access at all times. All of the children will be together for all of the day, including toddlers and babies in arms. We do ask that if you are dropping off babies and toddlers whilst you attend sessions, that you leave their push chairs or slings with them.

You must not leave Langton’s while your children are with us.
We must know what sessions you are going to, and have your mobile number. A sheet for this will be provided.
Nappy changing is fine, just be sure to leave gear with your child if they are at all likely to need a change.
We will be giving out snacks of fruit and popcorn. If you child has an allergy that makes this unacceptable, YOU MUST LET US KNOW.
Hopefully, this will be a fun couple of days for the kids, and we look forward to meeting your kids at WordCamp!