WordCamp Ireland 2010: Feedback!


We’ve been inundated with great enthusiasm for Wordcamp Ireland 2010 on Twitter, from attendees, speakers and sponsors alike. We’re delighted so many of you had such a great time, and in the face of so much enthusiasm, we’re going to go ahead and start planning WordCamp 2011 with your help and feedback.

For WordCamp 2011, we promise to:

Use the right WordPress logo (I’m going to WordPress Hell – Sabrina)
Block book all rooms at Langton’s so more people can stay there
Have a smoother registration and check-in system
Have an online list of attendees so people can find each other after camp
Re-work the Speakers & Sponsors dinner so it’s more mingle-y
Signpost the outside of Langton’s so it’s easier to get into!
Sort out the Conservatory sunlight issue and blackout draping (So sorry about that…)
Do a better job with lunches (we got slammed by the walk-in registration numbers)
Have VGA hookup dongle thingies for both kinds of Macs for all rooms
Have tea, coffee and water available all day every day, instead of tea and coffee service
Open the bar in the ballroom after the last talk both days so we have our own bar
Organise volunteer videographers for all sessions, speaker permission allowing
Organise more volunteer opportunities now that we know what we’ll need
Do more further in advance so we have a chance to sleep, shower and hang out more with 250 amazing, amazing people
Part of the reason why, after having sworn we would never do this again, we are suddenly mad-keen to host Wordcamp 2011 is that we want want the chance to fix the things we cocked up this year. We genuinely want to know what else you’d like us to do better. Please let us have your feedback in the comments and we’ll do our very best!

SO: Tell us what you liked best, what you liked least, and what just plain didn’t work for you. We do this for the WordPress community, and we want to know what the community wants!