Update on The WordCamp Genius Bar


As previously announced, WordCamp Ireland will feature a Genius Bar, running all day both days. However, given the fact that getting 35 fabulous speakers all in the right place on the right weekend at the right times can be slightly reminiscent of herding cats, we have utterly failed to get properly organised ahead of time in terms of volunteer sign-ups.

We are now moving to Plan B: Organised Chaos. There will be a large Genius Bar schedule on the wall at registration, with space for Genius Bar volunteers to choose a convenient 45-minute slot to sit down and man the help desk, two at a time. (If you are familiar with the BarCamp format, it should work very much like that.)

There is a huge crew of people from Automattic coming to WordCamp, most of whom have generously volunteered to take a turn in the hot seat, so we are not overly worried about being able to staff the Genius Bar. Still, if you can offer technical, content or design expertise, we’d very much love to see your name on volunteer sign-up on the day, and will offer you our many, many thanks… and a special little pressie!