Website Security Tips 2020: 10 Top WordPress Security Plugin

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Matters of security are significant issues all over the world. Every country invests hugely in security. With the advent of the cyber age, ensuring cybersecurity is of utmost importance.

Do you know that for an average of 39 seconds per day, there is an attack from a hacker? It was also recorded that hackers stole over 500 million personal records in 2018.

Ginni Rometty, the chairman of IBM, said, “Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.” You can protect your website from hackers and intruders by using capable security software. WordPress security plugin provides the needed security for your sites.

What is a Security Plugin?

A plugin (also called an add-in) is a software that aids the addition of other specific features to a computer program. A plugin can help you customize your computer program.

A Security plugin is a software that helps you secure your websites. The use of a security plugin does not replace the updating of your site. It also doesn’t negate other security measures like the use of a solid password.

Even with a security plugin in place, ensure it is regularly updated. Outdated security plugins can be hacked. Using security plugins helps ensure your website is more secured even in your absence.

Why you need a WordPress Security Plugin?

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The security of your site should be a top priority. Over 10,000 websites are blacklisted by Google every day because of malware. Every week, about 50,000 websites are blacklisted on account of phishing activities.

Cybercriminals and hackers are always seeking ways to crack security software. Most times, a secured site ends up unsecured without any noticeable change. Over time, your site might become vulnerable.

Hence, the need to always update your WordPress security. A WordPress security plugin helps protect your site at its vulnerable periods.

Most WordPress security plugins protect your site through firewalls with constantly updated rules. Your site can also be protected through the provision of a malware scan. In case there is a breach, you will be notified and helped to find and remove it. The security plugin also provides helpful Threat Defense Feed.

10 Top WordPress Security Plugin

Top WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress, as the largest site-building platform, serves over 60 million websites. Since WordPress serves a huge number of websites, hackers are always flocking around.  It ensures the security of your websites.

WordPress developed security plugins. You can choose to secure your website with any of the security plugin available. The number of security plugin available might be overwhelming, especially if you are a first time user.

A security plugin scans your site, protects it from hackers, and cleans any infection in your site. The following are the 10 top WordPress security plugins.

1. WordFence Security

WordFence Security is a good security plugin from WordPress. With WordFence security, you have the opportunity to see the traffic as they come to your site.

Wordfence Security features;

  • Site Security Audit
  • Login Page Protection
  • WordPress Security Firewall
  • Block Visitors by Country
  • Website Security Scanning
  • Detect and Repair Corrupted Folders
  • Compete Site Malware Removal
  • Single Dashboard
  • Live Traffic Monitoring

2. iThemes

It was formerly known as Better WP Security. iThemes offers over 30 various security measures.

iThemes features;

  • Website Hardening Measure
  • Malware Scanner for Website
  • Website Security Report
  • WordPress Version Management Facility
  • Login Page Protection
  • Central Dashboard For Multiple Websites

3. MalCare

Malcare security plugin detects malware quickly. It is very effective in securing your site. It was built for over two years.

MalCare features;

  • Instant WordPress Malware Removal
  • Single Dashboard for Multiple Site Management
  • Complete Malware Scanning
  • Powerful Firewall Security
  • Login Protection
  • Integrated Backup and Restore Facilities
  • Uptime and Performance Monitoring
  • Custom and Scheduled Reporting
  • White-Labeling Solution
  • Easy Site Hardening Measure
  • Team Collaboration and Management

4. Sucuri

This plugin is a website provider with services not only offered to WordPress but other Content Management Systems such as Drupal, Joomla, TYPO3, Magento, etc.

Sucuri features;

  • WordPress Website Malware Removal
  • DNS Monitoring
  • Google Blacklist Removal
  • SSL Certificate detection
  • Firewall Security
  • WordPress Website Scanning
  • Website Uptime Monitoring

5. SiteLock

SiteLock is an interesting WordPress security plugin. It offers automatic site security operations. SiteLock cleans and scans your site automatically without being manually enabled.

SiteLock features;

  • WordPress Malware Scanning
  • Automated WordPress Malware Removal
  • WordPress DDoS Firewall
  • Automated Core Vulnerability Patching
  • WordPress Web Application Firewall

6. All-In-One WP Security And Firewall

With this WP security plugin, the website owner can take security measures to ensure site security. WordPress owners can fix security threats with this plugin.

All-In-One WP Security And Firewall features;

  • Automatic WordPress Scanning
  • WordPress Firewall Security
  • WordPress Database Security
  • User Account Maintenance
  • Website Uptime Monitoring
  • Brute Force Login Attack Protection
  • Website Maintenance Mode
  • Blocking Visitors by IP Address

7. SecuPress

This Security Plugin was developed by the team that built Imagify and WP Rocket. SecuPress is a very visually appealing security plugin.

SecuPress features;

  • PHP Malware Scanning
  • IP Blocking and Firewall Protection
  • Website Login Page Protection
  • WordPress Website Hardening
  • Blocking Visitors by Country
  • Security Point Checking
  • WordPress Malware Removal
  • Complete WordPress Backup
  • White Label Solution

8. BulletProof Security

You have to configure this security plugin yourself. After proper configuration, it is an effective security plugin for WordPress websites.

BulletProof Security features;

  • Site Malware Scanning
  • Login Page Protection
  • Specific Files Upload Prevention
  • Htaccess File Protection
  • Site Maintenance Mode
  • WordPress Firewall Protection
  • WordPress File Monitoring

9. WP Security Ninja

WP Security Ninja carries out above 50 different checks for vulnerability. Alongside the checks, it has a security report and steps you can take to ensure your site is safe.

WP Security Ninja features;

  • Site Malware Scanning
  • WordPress Firewall Security
  • Blocking Suspicious Request
  • Plugin Settings Import and Export
  • Auto Fixer Mode
  • Login Page Protection
  • Blocking Visitors by Country

10. Shield Security

Users of the Shield Security plugin enjoy the basic security features it offers. The plugin also informs you of the security measures that would ensure your site’s security.

Shield Security features;

  • User Monitoring Activities
  • WordPress Core Scanning
  • WordPress Firewall Security
  • Themes and Plugins Vulnerability Scanner
  • Site Login Page Protection
  • Shield Security Settings Import and Export


Every security plugin has its approach to dealing with site insecurity issues. They also have free and premium versions. Automatically, the free version doesn’t offer the full package. Going for the paid membership plan would do a better job of protecting your website.